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Related post: Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 11:03:27 EDT From: Subject: Reality CheckUp Part 10I felt so relaxed as I slept. It was not a restless sleep; but a deep, non-frightful, peaceful intermission in my life.A soothing, gentle, yet firm touch to my body began to awaken me. I tried to force myself not to believe that I was coming back to reality. I squeezed my eyes tight, beneath the blindfold, in hopes that this physical feeling was part of my sleep process. I knew the feeling was real, as I also felt a rush of air, and the onslaught of sounds enter my brain, groggy as it may be.The earplugs had been removed, and Master was touching my skin. The feel of Master; soft, commanding, caring and yet extremely dominating. From slumber to real time took me a few minutes. I ached preteen models tho more in some areas than others. Pain, too, was more obvious to the brain in some places. Now, Master was removing the gag from my mouth. How unusual this all seemed to me."Sleep well?" were the first words that registered. "I hope you slept preteen young pix good and by all indications it appears that the body survived and looks even better" said my Master. His hands now massaging the body in two places; my left leg and upper chest. " All the others are either at their meal tiny preteen non or outside. I would think that some are even in the pool, soaking away their reddened butts. I wanted this to be `our ` time together. Just `boy 'and Master. To talk, to understand, to continue bonding."Master commanded me to slowly raise my ass off of the mat; and, I did so. I felt some sort of fabric being slid under me. I lowered my body back down and the soft feel of the cloth was a welcome preteen 3d porno relief to my own reddened ass. " Well, boy, all appears to be in excellent condition on this day." I found it interesting (?) that Master used the phrase ` this day'. Not saying morning, afternoon or evening kept me from knowing any semblance of time. Masters touch preteen shamless modeling and voice evoked a sensual feeling within me and my dick felt the rush of blood running up to the tip. With my dick still tied in the vertical position, it must preteen young nudes have been difficult to tell if there was an erection, all preteen youth nudes be it, I'm sure that the thickness of the dick must have been obvious. Not only nude preteens photography was the blood rushing into my dick, but also rushing through the rest of preteen info bbs the body as well and this brought me back to all my sensory feelings quite fast. My back was sore. Sore from the lashings it had gotten. Sore from resting on this mat all during sleep.Master was removing sexy sweet preteens the leather coverings from my feet when I sensed the dull sensation of pain. Then I remembered last night. As the coverings were removed, Master could sites preteens not avoid bumping preteen school hot into, moving, the chains and leather that held other parts of me bound up from the sleeping position. "The feet have taken quite a bit of training preteen nude red last night and they look good. The cane seems to have been a treat for the feet and perhaps `boy' would like to have that treat more often." Master said, in his `authoritive voice. The familiar cold spray was felt on both of my feet. The pain quickly dissipated into just a dull ache. Like, don't stop now! Let me tell you of other places you need to spray that stuff. Just spraying the feet and nothing else, was torment in its self. I just knew that all this, in fact everything, was calculated; in order to (how do you say) `break me'.I waited for further indian boys preteen relief, from the bonds that held me so tight and firm during my sleep. Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours. Relief was not fast in coming." My `boys' rings look so handsome". Without seeing the rings for myself, how could I know that? But, to Master that is how they looked, and that is pecious preteen pussy all that matters. My thoughts, opinions (few, now as they are) do not matter. " When `boy' is in his proper position the rings will hang perfectly, making ` boy' so cute and pretty", Master continued. "The sac, although discolored at the moment, appears to have stretched nicely. I can't wait until `boys' sac is at its fullest extension. The nipples, too, have stretched. They will look even better when they too, have extended to their fullest." "Cody has underage preteen video spoken to me of last nights events with himself, Trey and `boy'. I know it must of come as a shock to you to find yourself naked in front of someone that you once desired. I sense that you did not realize Trey was ` dominate' in his ways. And, I find that to be most exciting and interesting indeed. I will not apologize to anyone for Trey's lack of knowledge or experience. We all had to learn at some point in our lives and this is Treys point. I could have had someone else fist you for your preteen adult first time, but seeing how Trey needed the same experience, AND his hands are a lot smaller than the others here, I was kind enough to allow him the pleasure and honor of taking you.""This day, like all the others, `boy' will experience new things. Taking him to a higher level, so to speak. I will see to it that Cody will be close by, to aid and comfort `boy' when the need arises. Cody tells me that he is extremely happy that I have chosen `boy' to be part of this family. Cody has spent day after day, alone, with the exceptions of the service personnel tending to their respective jobs. There is a hint, slight as it is, that Cody has a tad bit of `domination' in his blood. This should not prove to be a problem for either of you. Cody is not permitted to do anything at home without the Masters permission. So `boy' can preteen beach model rest easy. I noted that sex hardcore preteen he was affectionate towards `boy' during your last training preteen male sex session, and I have no problem with that, at this point."I had been listening to Master so intently that I did not even notice, not even feel, that my ears and nipples had been released from their bondage. I only realized nasty preteen naked it when I felt and heard the chains being removed from the collar. Now just let my legs and arms free! My dick and nads were still bound and like an idiot I figured Master would release them next. I surely need to stop thinking. Thinking always gets me into trouble and pain. "I had not expected my `boy' to take his training as well as he did. A lot was taught to `boy' on his last session. And, `boy' has more to learn with all the masters here. Rest assured that you will not be exposed to all that is normal preteen topless hot for you, on this visit by my friends and colleagues. The `boys' hole has been stretched to "almost" an acceptable size, but more is needed there. The mouth hole needs a little more work as well. But now Master needs to release the fluids from `boys' hole." With that said, Master grasps the butt plug and slowly pulls on it. As the thickest part begins to ease out, preteen downblouse I felt the piss from last night start to drip down my ass crack. Now I knew what the material was beneath my ass. I was lying on absorbent pads. The more narrow the plug became the more piss flowed out. Satisfied that the remainder of the plug could be removed, preteen sister naked Master just let it fall out on its own and remain laying there on the piss pad. What piss was left inside the body came out, along with remnants of any grease logs. Master ordered my ass raised as He slid the pad away. Again, told to raise the butt, Master placed one of those plastic bedpans underneath me. Master flushed the hole out at least four times before He was satisfied. Enemas didn't phase me anymore, as I knew they were routine, normal and that I should cherish the attention my hole and body were receiving."One would think that the `boys' hole likes all that liquid inside. So from now on I shall make sure the hole is filled preteen videos forums to capacity each and every cleaning. I think preteen non models it is great that `boys' hole enjoys the treatments fun preteen quizzes it receives. I shall see to it that the insides are even stretched to accept more. The human intestine is mildly flexible which allows for stretching. So, with that said, I will now pack the hole completely full." Holy Christmas, packed full! How is that? Why? I ilegal preteen tgp don't understand.I had the feeling of a warm grease at and on my ass lips. The grease was slowly being pushed inside of me. More and more grease, never nude preteen webring ending. Some sort of instrument preteen boys penis was being used to push and pack the grease inside my body. " There now, that is on large can of Crisco in `boys' hole. Let's see how much of this next preteens pics ilegal can of grease we can get in." Now, I'm not one to buy or use Crisco but I have seen those cans on grocery store shelves. They must be five pounds each. Damn! " Now, `boy', doesn't that feel good?" Master asked. I didn 't speak or motion with my head. " I have gotten both of these cans of grease inside of you. When you move around today, I hope `boy' will be able to feel the wonderful fullness inside the body. I think it is fantastic that `boy' is so humble when his Master is using the body for teaching and training." Next thing, Master shoved an even larger butt plug in my ass. I screamed and almost passed out from the pain. russian barepre teen I knew that after last night, when I licked the other plug clean, that this fucking plug had to be about five inches across. When the plug was properly seated I could feel my, now normal, ass lips surround the plug. It felt like the preteen xxx sex new lips were caressing the plug as if in love with swedish preteen naked it. Now, mind you, most masters don't show preteen free lesbian too much affection; but Master upon hearing my screams, took his velvet hand and stoked the side of my face. I knew that the preteens nudes suck love between Master and myself could not be the same as Master and Cody. I was not here to become a `bed slave'. But, I was slowly cute litte preteen beginning to feel the love for my Master. I was consumed with warmth and contentment as Master stroked my face. My heart rate returned to normal and the screams and sobs ceased."Soon Cody will kiddy preteen nymphet be in to give `boy' his bath. Before he gets here I have a few more things to do for you. And, there masturbation preteens movies are a few things I need to tell you. Firstly, I am going to remove the old catheter and replace it with a clean new preteen naked freepics one. The one that is currently acting as your plumbing will be replaced with a much larger one. In fact, the balloon in the new catheter is six times larger. When you are in your `normal' position, you will really feel the difference. This catheter is the largest one made and I will tell you that when it passes through your bladder muscle you will feel pain. The idea and purpose I am using the large one is simple. I don't feel that a `boy' of your stature needs, or should have any control over piss. The new balloon will slowly, very slowly, bare weight on pink preteen bbs the muscle, in turn the muscle will tend to expand. Once expanded the muscle will never return to being `worldly. Thus, without a catheter, you would constantly be dribbling piss illegal preteen young from your dick. A truly wonderful thing indeed. So logically, `boy' will always have a catheter in the dick. Now then, let's get started."Master removed the water from the existing balloon and slowly pulled the catheter from the body. I felt strange, so of un-natural. Almost sexy ppre teens as if my body was missing something, like the dick was naked without the catheter. "Before I insert your new plumbing I have a need to pleasure myself. I will be checking out your urethra with some sounds. I want to see how much pain your dick can handle by constantly increasing the size of sounds I shove into your body." It seemed as if he was squirting, with a syringe, a liberal amount of lubricant down my dick. It was cold to all the nerve endings. One after another, Master inserted, twisted, and stroked each sound in my dick. Each time one was pulled out a larger one was inserted and used in the same way. I could tell, by feel, that it wouldn't be long before preteen boy meat I would be screaming out in pain. preteen model tour I could also tell that Master also was aware of the situation. After all, Master is preteenage bikini gallery a doctor of urology. The last sound to enter the dick was painful from the shocking preteen pictures very start. Master had to maintain constant pressure along with twisting as russian preteens pussy the sound tried to enter the dick. That muscle just inside the dick head was resisting. I knew pain was coming. I knew that Master would not allow anything to keep Him from His pleasures. I screamed and little preteen angels screamed as Master finally got the tip of the sound into fotos pedofilia preteens the beginning of that strong little muscle. I was sure that the screams were heard throughout the household. I was crying so much that tears were flowing out from beneath the blindfold. Master stopped momentarily preteen gallary models and used His finger to wipe away the tears. I wondered if he licked exclusive preteen the tears from His finger. The pain continued at the muscle as Master pushed the catheter into the dick. Master left this sound in place for a minute or so. " I'm leaving the sound in place while I prepare your new plumbing, then it will be over with."With this break `in the action', I took inventory of my mental status. My first Master. My first experience being kept this way, and in front of others. The body being changed, transformed, in such a manner. My feelings for Cody, for Master and even for Trey. What could they do to me from here on out? What they had already done to me, for me. Would my mind ever accept all the pains and discomforts so I would not scream and cry anymore. Last night I prayed to die, and now I am longing for the comforts that Master is affording me. What was `worldly `is no longer. What is now normal is forever. The reality of this is that I came here freely, on my own accord. I had ample time to weigh this situation openly and without undue outside pressures. I climbed into Cody's van on my own free will, I wasn't forced into it. Cody's van, what a `rust bucket'. I remember it well. It must have been Cody's from before he even arrived here.Just then the now familiar rush of cold air invaded my body and all its' senses. "Welcome Cody. How are all the school preteen upskirt others doing?" asked Master. "Fine Sir" was the reply. "Holy Shit, Sir, what is that fucking thing sticking out of ` boys' dick? Cody said in a frightened tone of voice. "Ah, my young one, that is called a sound. It is used, as you see it used. To stretch and stimulate the `boys' dick. And, also to create a nice level of pain for him and pleasure for me. You have arrived just in time for the next phase of `boys' training preteens models illegal and transformation. Go over and wash your hands well, and I think this next part would be a great educational value for you, if you performed the procedure as I instruct you as how to do it." " Yes Sir" replied Cody. I heard the water running as Cody washed his hands. " You know Cody, I have been speaking with `boy' to a great extent. I find him a willing and still caring. These two traits I like a lot. I think `boy' cares about you, just as much as you care for him." My face must of turned red, as I sure as hell felt embarrassed with that last comment from Master. Was Cody blushing as well? "Ok Cody, let's get going. I have told `boy' that he will experience a lot of pain when the new plumbing is put in place. You will be installing a giant of a catheter into his body." `boy' will hurt but the hurt won't last but for only a handful of seconds. NOW STOP THAT CODY! There is no need to start fussing and crying." Surely this outburst from Cody is not my fault. I don't think Master is upset with him, but this was the first nude preteens naturist time that I had heard Master raise His voice to such a level. "Now come over here and I will help you get your gloves on, and don't touch anything unless I tell you too. I will not let you fail this procedure, trust me. Ok, now I need to remove the sound. Perhaps I will allow `boy' to suck the sound clean, yes, indeed I will." Cody was near my head when Master pulled out the sound. That wasn't as easy as you might japanese preteens rika think. The sound and muscle had been able to `bond' when the lubricant dried inside my dick hole. Uncomfortable yes, painful no. Again I felt the coldness of lube being squeezed into preteen models nonude my dick hole. "Alright, Cody let's begin." Cody moved down to where he could access my dick and not be in Masters way. He was apparently following Masters orders precisely. I felt the plumbing enter my preteen models teen dick hole and it began the journey towards my bladder. I then felt the catheter touch my bladder muscle. The plumbing stopped `dead in its' tracks'. Master must of sensed youg preteen what was happening. "Ok Cody, here is where you must take an extra firm hold of that dick, and her preteen ass shove the plumbing through and completely past the muscle. This too is where the pain will be felt by `boy'. " Master spoke with such authority. I tensed up like a 2x4 even though Master told me to relax. With a tearful voice came, " boy I am so sorry for what I am about to do and cause you this pain." I too was weeping but not externally. My heart was saddened that Cody was preteen pussy videos upset. With his one hand holding my dick in a death grip, Cody took the catheter and shoved with all his strength. The pain came and went like a bolt of lightning. I started my breathing again. " Stop when the very end is at the tips of `boys' dick and hold the plumbing in place for just a minute" was the next thing Master said. "Now take this syringe, connect it here and squeeze the water inside. Now take your hand and slowly pull back on the plumbing until you feel it come to a stop. Then the catheter will be placed inside perfectly." Cody did exactly as he was commanded. "Now there, that wasn't so bad preteen girl modeles was it? I think you can be preteen cute pictures the one to change the plumbing on a regular basis, galleries porn preteen thus preventing any infections." Damn, " regular basis", what's with that crap? The plumbing was connected and piss started flowing into something other than my mouth." You know Cody, I was thinking about asking the `ringmaster' to do some more preteen videos models work on `boy'; what do you think?" A brief silence, then " If Sir would feel happy and more rings would be pleasing to board preteen porn Sir then more rings would be nice, naked preteen blonde Sir." MORE RINGS? preteen cheerleader clothes Lord, my god, where in the world would they go. Enough already. Normal is good, but more rings? preteen slut videos Shit!"Anyway, that is just something I had thought about while talking to `boy' this day. What are the others feeling up to today preteen model alice Cody? I know master Nathan wants to use `boy' first, but other than that I'm clueless. I haven't told naked preteen babes ` boy' much about the others in our group so later today or soon you can fill him in. By the way Cody, I have already cleaned his hole and filled it with two large cans of grease; so that should save you some time today for other things, if you know what I mean." Perhaps you and Trey super preteen moleds can have a nice chat out at the pool while master Nathan trains `boy'. Matter of fact, I don't want you or Trey here while master Nathan teaches `boy'; I sense another sob session from you if by chance you were to see nonnude preteen sex the training and teaching." Master said more like a direct command. "Yes Sir" Cody said most meekly. 3d picture preteen "Ok Cody, go tell the others to enter when they are ready, and don't forget what I just told you to do. AND, nothing sensual or sexual between preteen russian bride you and Trey. Just talking. Keep separated from him by at least 3 feet. If you disobey Me, you can count on becoming `boy #2' and lose all your current privileges and rights." "YES SIR" said Cody, most loudly. The hush of total silence fell upon the room. I was once again nervous."What master Nathan is involved with, `boy', is sensory derivation and other nice things like that. He is a safe and sane master, so no need to worry about permanent harm befalling you. Some things you won't understand, and others you will most surely discover to be uncomfortable, painful, humiliating (for now). So try and relax if you can. We will help you relax, rest assured." My Master had spoken his last words, for now, perhaps for what was left of this day.I heard footsteps, voices and muffled laughter. The sounds got close enough that I could now tell that everyone was back in my room. The laughter scared me to no end. "I see Your `boy' is still quite restrained which is good. We shall have to reconnect that which has been undone and then we shall begin. But first, let me first address the masters and slaves who have yet to witness my firm beliefs and teachings. The master `Nathan' continued. "What you see before your eyes, is a slave of sorts, n the form of a human male. The slave affords us the pleasures of use and abuse. During the `boys' training and teachings we hope to transform little preteen girsl not only his appearance, but his thought process as preteen candid nudes well. He should soon be to pregnant preteen pix the point where he will never `think' again, EVER! He will only do as told, and when told. He will accept the pain; turning his pains into his pleasures. The more he preteen lina nude pleasures himself, the more pleasure and pride his Master will have. He will learn that the only time his dick erupts rape porno preteens with seed is when his Master permits such. pre teennude photo As preteen nude cuties all have seen, he no longer controls his piss, black preteen ass shit, and sight. At times he is allowed the privilege of sound. Other than vocal outcries, his voice has been silent since his arrival. Today `boy' will learn to breath without feeling the air, and to eat without feeling or tasting. Now let's begin." With that, weird feeling earplugs were inserted and my world went silent. I felt hands, lots of hands on my body. Somewhere amongst all the hands, was a syringe that found its way into my butt cheek. Soon I was aware of the hands moving about but not really feeling them. I felt my ankles being untied from my thighs. The feet were wrapped once again in their leathers. preteens model sex Then the heels of the preteen jap cartoons feet were placed on the ground. A brace was attached to the calf of the leg and the other end attached to the upper leg. At least my ankles weren't trying to kiss my ass anymore. It felt as if the legs were now spread to a 45-degree angle compared to the previous 90 degree. All in all, the change was a much deserved relief. But now, this left each ankle free, and I went rigid thinking they would soon attach something to each ankle cuff. SHIT! There was no longer the bar between my legs keeping them wide. I just knew something was going to happen before this training real preteens ass session ended. While the lower half of the body was left alone, the upper half was being set up. My earrings, once again attached mom son preteen to chains, were pulled mercilessly out, back and up. I felt no pain, only the movement of my body parts. My snout ring was temporarily unfastened. The head was then tilted back with my neck extended. The snout ring was released from the leather strip and a chain was put in its place. The other end of the chain went up in a straight line and firmly pulled tight and affixed to something above. Now, three chains were preteen russian clit attached to my collar. Each chain attached to something (somewhere) holding my head as if it was encased in concrete. My only thought now was that I was happy that all these masters are licensed doctors, each practicing preteen blog image a different form of medicine than the others. I still felt no pain, only discomfort and I wasn't to the point (yet) I was last night, when I was praying death would take me from this place. Two chains were placed over the body; one over the chest and preteen porno model the other just above my pelvis. I was 100 percent immobile. I could breath and that was about all. I was thankful for the medicine that someone poked in my butt.Now why would anyone start feeling my nose? Well now, that answer came rather quickly. I felt something in my right side of the nose. What ever it was sliding further up my nose, and then the sliding stopped. The same feeling appeared to the left side of the nose; then it too stopped. Stop, not for long. Together they began to move in unison. What I was feeling was two plastic tubes being guided into the body via the nose. preteen model wet The tubes seemed to pass by the back of my mouth and continued down into my air passage way. I was struggling to breath, fighting for air. The brain kicked in and I was sucking tons of air down through my mouth. But what happened next, cancelled out the air intake drastically. Cold steel, I think, was forced into my mouth hole. Through the steel was passed a large tube. The tube went to the back of my mouth and hit the gag spot. I couldn't move. I thought I was being murdered. No pain involved, yet I could feel everything they were doing. The tube continued down, all the way down my gullet. Now I was sucking air praying for relief. I wondered if this is what is feels like if you get buried alive. The brain FINALLY activated and I was getting air. Small amount that it was, it was still air. Wonderful, exciting air. The air was coming through the tubes that had been placed in my nose and passed down into my airway. I wasn't being murdered, or buried alive. I at long last got my breathing under control, having to inhale many more times per minute than I normally would but still enough, still under control. Something was attached to the tube from my mouth. I didn't take long to figure that out young little preteen either. preteen angles bbs I amateur preteen free smelt it, before (if ever) I tasted it. A funnel had been attached to preteen toplist xxx the tube and I was once again filled with human piss. Hot, smelly piss.Piss that didn't taste. My stomach was full of piss from everyone in the room. I again smelt something familiar. Food. Now how could I eat? Impossible for sure. How wrong was I. Just goes to prove, a slave or `boy' should never really think. The food must have been in a soupy paste form. Some how they got the food into the tube and into my preteen girls vids stomach. My hot preteens galleries abdomen, by now, must look as if I was pregnant. Yet another smell. Holy mother of heaven. Coffee, warm coffee. This was shear torment. I hadn't had coffee since I left the west coast of Florida. At long last, I wasn't getting something put down into my stomach. I was thankful for the plumbing to be in place and working well. I was left briefly to savor my meal. "Savor?" I don't think so. I was full and that was about the extent of it. What could they be planning now? I hoped nothing. exotic preteenage galleries Master Nathan and my Master now had so much control of me that I couldn't protest. My mind told me that hairless preteen angel I needed, wanted and desired preteen nymph top100 to have Cody with me. But, the reality of the situation was for me to go through this alone. I think I now understand why Master did not want Cody here. I cried my silent cry. This is reality.end of 10 of 23 chaptersfollowing the conclusion of this story we shall be posting another which is 25 chapters, followed by another with over 60 chaptersto read the completed stories go to _ ( but you must have your legal age in your profile
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